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Surveying & Spraying with XAG-P30 commercial drones


There are many advantages of applying products from the XAG P30 which included reduced compaction and reduced bio-security issues, as well as the potential for operation in sensitive areas.

The XAG P30 applicator is designed to achieve uniform applications of ultralow-volume pesticides. Coverage is achieved on both sides of the leaves and the central part of crops and canopies, where the pests and disease conceal themselves. The variability of hover height and forward speed allows for precise deposition of products.

WSB’s precision ag consultant, Corrie Eichner, is a strong advocate for the XAG30 application and said "Using an ultra-coarse droplet at 2.5 metre release height there was no drift beyond swath under drone at a 26-kilometre wind speed.”

A special atomisation spraying mechanism, features droplets adjustable while flying from 60 to 680 microns and variable downdraft.

XAG P30 is equipped to detect surface inversion layers, the drone is capturing temperature data, only correct conditions will permit drone to spray.

Corrie said along with weed and fungicide spraying, the drones could be used for detection of crop ripeness, disease and insect pressure, another opportunity for the XAG P30 is utilisation in frost management, with approval for night operation and capable of 20 mt/sec downforce at travel speeds of 1-4mt/sec.

The XAG P30 drone utilises its own 2cm RTK GPS solution and is capable of 5ha/hr on designated flight path, it is very quiet in comparison to alternatives,

Capacity Ha/hr can increase dramatically when flying in swarm formation, one operator / controller can manage from 1- 5 drones, potentially achieving 25Ha/hr.

The same model is also capable of granular and seed applications. Trials have been conducted locally with Brassica, Millet and Canola with good results.

Corrie said XAG drones also offered geo-spatial services, including mapping, contour water flow simulation and plant health monitoring through multi and hyper-spectral imagery.

"Importantly the survey allows us to come up with the intelligence or machine learning that is required for the application specific to the job”, Corrie said.

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The DewPoint Hay Steamer by Staheli West Inc.

is now available at WSB Distributors


There is nothing better than receiving a perfect natural dew when baling. However, perfect dew conditions are few and far between for many hay producers.  Often, the hay is either too dry or too wet, and if you’re lucky, you may have a small window of opportunity when the hay is just right.

Hay producers working in arid, dry climates are often faced with the decision to either bale dry hay, which will shatter the leaves, or continue to wait for natural dew, risking further loss of quality. Hay producers working in climates where it’s often too wet to bale at night or who receive good dew at night still experience large amounts of time during the day when the hay is too dry to bale. Being able to bale with steam when the hay is dry opens up the baling window and allows you to be so much more productive. 







Providing livestock farmers with an easy solution to one of the most laborious tasks - bedding and feeding straw, hay and haylage. Spread-a-Bale offers a unique operation that can be customised to suit your building, handler, bale size and density.

Unlike other mechanical blowers and spreaders, Spread-aBale's spreading rotors gently accelerate the product, they tease the bale apart and throw it with minimum dust generation.

The Result:

  • up to 50% straw saving over manual spreading with square bales, up to 25% for round bales
  • up to 25% reduced requirement over the mechanical spreading systems
  • Saves time and labour - one person can spread one rectangular bale typically in 45 seconds - faster than any other available spreaders, shredders, choppers and bale processors
  • Reduces dust and subsequent health risks for both farmers, operators and their livestock  - minimal dust reduces the risk of pneumonic conditions and eye infections and in turn reduces anitbiotic usage, together with injuries from foreign object missiles
  • Improves welfare - the entire system has a much reduces carbon footprint over any other mechanised system
  • Improves environment - minimises dust
  • Improves business efficiency - lowers the system's overall costs and contributes to a competitive advantage








New stock arriving December 2020!
WSB Distributors is your Reefinator
dealer for South Australia & Victoria.




We're excited to announce our franchise partnership with Rocks Gone Pty Ltd, a family-owned and operated company based in Welshpool, Western Australia.

#RocksGone was founded by WA farmer, Tim Pannell, when he was farming in Yuna for over 30 years. Tim had encountered various problems with farming on rocky terrain & after leaving the family farm he began a contracting business using a rotary rock crusher to improve farming land throughout WA.
While working with the rotary machine, Tim identified areas that needed to be improved to suit the harsh conditions of Western Australia & developed his own concept into our flagship product, the Reefinator.

Rocks Gone Pty Ltd released their new H4 Reefinator and we are proud to be the official SA & VIC Dealer of this fantastic product!



Oy El-Ho Ab (ELHO) is a Finnish family-owned business founded in 1968. The company specialises in the manufacture of quality work and contracting machinery for agriculture. The machines have to be durable, high-quality and user friendly. ELHO wants to offer its customers the best quality and that is why its machines have many progressive features that make them especially durable.


  • Bale Wrappers
  • Feeders and Shredders
  • Forage Harvesters
  • Mower Conditioners & Disc Mowers
  • Mulchers
  • Stone Pickers
  • Swathers & Tedders