Precision Ag

WSB Distributors, precision AG

WSB Distributors supplies a multitude of Precision Agriculture equipment for almost any agricultural solution you may be looking for, supplying various brands including Ag leader, Topcon, XAG drones and More! See further details below

For more information or details on your specific precision ag requirements, speak to the WSB Precision Ag expert


Twenty-five years ago, Ag Leader was started by an engineer with a dream of making farmers’ lives better. That dream led him to inventing the first commercially successful on-the-go yield monitor. Today, we have that same goal as we bring precision technology to the market, helping farmers plan, plant, apply and harvest more efficiently and accurately.

Our products integrate farm operations both large and small through all seasons. Keep your data and equipment connected seamlessly and efficiently with us.

AGCO Fuse Technologies

We strive to ensure our customers’ operations are always running, optimized, coordinated and seamlessly connected throughout all stages of the crop cycle – seed-processing; farm planning; field preparation and planting; growing; harvesting; grain storage, drying and material handling; and animal protein production.

AGCO’s smart farming innovations help farms and machines run more efficiently with lower inputs and higher yields—producing more with less. Our smart solutions are built for productivity from the ground up. They sense the environment, determine action based on the information gathered and then execute optimally based on the data in real time.


Complete crop management and control

The agricultural solutions from Topcon address all seasons, crops, terrains and vehicles including tractors, applicators, and harvesters.

Farmers worldwide need to produce more with less, to maximize efficiency, and to operate more profitably, while protecting the environment and precious natural resources. That is why Topcon products are painstakingly designed to offer superior value through improved operational efficiency and input cost reduction.

Topcon solutions are built for you to get your work done efficiently. And while Horizon software is teeming with productivity enhancements, ease of use is the most critical feature. So you can concentrate on the crop, while Topcon takes care of the technology.

XAG Drones

XAG was founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated engineers with the goal of pursuing technological innovation in smart agriculture. We believe that the labour-intensive and resource-consuming agricultural model needs to be phased out and that we should all move towards a sustainable and technology-driven future.

XAG Australia provides a wide range of agriculture drones in Australia to help optimise agriculture operations and increase crop farming productions.

For more information or details on your specific precision ag requirements, speak to the WSB Precision Ag expert